Windows 10 registry set auto login free download.How to Quickly Enable Windows 10 Auto Login


Windows 10 registry set auto login free download.Windows 10 Auto Login (The Easy Way or Using the Registry)


Spend time on your business, not on your servers..How To Setup Auto-Login on Windows 10

Apr 01,  · 4. Enable Secure Automatic Logon without a Password Using AutoLogon Tool. For a more secure automatic logon to Windows 10, we can use the free AutoLogon for Windows tool. We can do this using the following steps: 1. First we have to download and run (or autologonexe) as an administrator. 2. Then accept the terms of the . Jan 18,  · Enter the name. Enter the password by double-clicking on Default Password. – DefaultDomainName: set value for a domain, only for domain accounts. For local accounts, do not add this key. – Close Registry Editor. The next time the computer restarts, the account will sign in ted Reading Time: 2 mins. Download Registry Mechanic Registry Mechanic advanced registry cleaner for Windows that can safely clean and repair system errors. Home My Account Settings Sign in Help Line No:

Windows 10 registry set auto login free download.How to enable automatic logon on Windows 10 via the Registry | Learn [Solve IT]

Sep 24,  · To use Registry Editor to turn on automatic logon, follow these steps: Click Start, and then click Run.. In the Open box, type , and then press Enter.. Locate the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon subkey in the registry.. Double-click the DefaultUserName entry, type your user name, and then click . Download Registry Mechanic Registry Mechanic advanced registry cleaner for Windows that can safely clean and repair system errors. Home My Account Settings Sign in Help Line No: You can utilize this third-party software to enable auto login in Windows It takes a couple of moments to set things up with the help of this tool. Autologon is free software available for Windows You can download this freeware from the official Microsoft website. The best part is this is portable software.

Being able to skip the login screen on your Windows 10 desktop is incredibly convenient. No longer having a need to remember your account password, getting to skip that part of the bootup process and jump right into using your apps and programs almost immediately is definitely something worth looking into.

How do I do it? Multiple Microsoft customers have notoriously referred to the Windows 10 login screen and process as a pointless and unnecessary nuisance.

To have to type your password every time you want to log into your own PC is incredibly redundant. To save a few seconds on the booting process by avoiding the Windows account login step is a great feature.

By performing the steps in this article you open your PC to a potential security compromise. This could allow critical data, such as your bank card details, login credentials, insurance details, and personal correspondence to fall into the wrong hands of anyone else who has access to it. The privacy and security of this data should come first before a minor convenience, so keep this in mind when choosing to set up an auto-login.

In the end, the choice is yours and yours alone to make the wise decision that is best for you. The following methods are considered Windows 10 specific. The first method is the one I think most people know about already so I might as well begin here.

To change the auto-login settings using User Accounts:. Windows will automatically login to this account upon boot up. Likely the easiest method of setting up your Windows OS to boot without the need for logging in, is going through the Settings app.

Here, you can change the sign-in options directly. This should do the trick. You can now bypass the login screen entirely. Editing files here can cause unforeseen complications with your Windows OS. It is recommended that you perform a backup on your registry before proceeding. If feeling overly confident or happen to be highly competent with the Windows Registry, so long as you stick to the following steps, everything should be fine.

There are a few different free software programs and applications out there that can assist with automating the Windows 10 login process. However, if you find that following the above steps to be a bit too overwhelming, downloading and installing a program may be in your best interest.

Autologon is a tool designed by Microsoft to help you skip both the lock screen and login screen for the Windows 10 operating system. Your email address will not be published. December 5, at pm. James Green says:. September 8, at pm. October 25, at am. Paul Wright says:. June 7, at pm.

Every method I have found seems to make it all or nothing. Is there any way to do what I want? My idea is that on boot, it would move all they way into the user account but if the user logged out they would need a password to get into any other account. And if they used another account, on reboot either they would be forced back into the user account or it would stop at the other account login waiting for a password.

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